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Are there any benefits in drinking camel urine?

This question is raised by many Muslims and none Muslims over and over again.…

Can I eat meat from a Christian or Jewish Butcher

Lawful Foods Many People are confused about what is permitted when it comes to which foods are permitted…

Does the Quran really promise Islamic martyrs 72 virgins?

The simple answer is NO! There is no promise of 72 virgins for martyrs, terrorists or suicide bombers anywhere in the…

Is circumcision compulsory in Islam

Is circumcision compulsory in Islam?
The simple answer is NO!

The Quran has no mention of circumcision. It makes no request…

Islam and Homosexuality

The mainstream interpretation of Qur'anic verses and hadith condemn homosexuality both male and female.…

Islamic Dress, The Hijab

Islamic Dress, The Hijab The issue of what is Islamic dress for women is becoming a problem for Muslims especially…

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